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April 2016

Monks Yard - Find business events venues in Taunton21/04/2016

Monks Yard - Find business events venues in Taunton

When you organise a business event you frequently have to delegate many of the tasks out to other people. This may seem like it’s making your life easier, but in actual fact, you need all those people to deliver what you ask of them, and if any one of them lets you down then the success of your event could be compromised. What you need is a flexible business events venue with hospitable staff and adequate facilities. This you will find at Monks Yard

Do you need to find a venue in Taunton? Monks Yard should be your choice of business, conferencing and training venue. With spacious facilities, we regularly hire out our premises to business professionals looking for a space in which to hold a meeting or a larger conference. We can also host business events at any time of the year. 

Providing a friendly and professional service, we’re located within a short distance from Taunton, Somerset. Book your event with us. 

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