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September 2015

Find Training Venues in Yeovil28/09/2015

Monks Yard - Find Training Venues in Yeovil


Do you need to host a training event? Are you looking for a unique venue in Somerset in which to offer training? You need look no further than Monks Yard.

Training venues are training venues because they can provide large and spacious rooms and all the facilities a group might need for training. Hospitality is also important, as day-long training will require refreshments and personnel who can meet and greet the guests.

If you’re looking for training venues in Yeovil and the surrounding area then you can’t go wrong with Monks Yard. Whatever your training room requirements, we can accommodate all your requests. No doubt you’ll need wireless internet access and possibly the use of a projector, and we have both these facilities, while each of the rooms we offer is spacious and full of natural light. We’ll have space for all your training sessions, and we’ll be able to offer the high levels of service and hospitality you expect. Find the right training venue in Monks Yard.


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